What memories have you made this year?

My dear friends you will agree with me when I say that 2016 has been one hell of a roller coaster ride.

The measure of life is, but, its ups and downs.

While the startup world has witnessed a lot of ups and downs, the world beyond has also seen a major tectonic shift. As a result, the beliefs and dreams that we held on to in these past months have been tested in most cases, while in some cases shattered, and yes, in some reaffirmed… strongly.

This period of uncertainty has also thrown an opportunity to reflect and take stock. I, for one, have learnt a lot this year.

I have thought and thought and (still thinking) on how not to get distracted by all the external noise and continue to believe in myself even when the world thinks otherwise.

The fact that change is the only constant helps me move forward with hope. Realising that while things, people, and circumstances will change, the part of me, which has lived the experiences and moments of this year, will stay with me as memories forever.

What are some of your memories and experiences that stand out for you? What will you remember 2016 for? Tell us.

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