Don’t Give Up! You’re Succeeding in Life More Than You Think

REMEMBER! Materials possessions do not always show your success. Don’t just dodge the bullets, appreciate the little victories! Goal #15 is the ultimate success in life!

Failure is something that everyone may feel at one point and time. Even though this is a normal feeling, you should always try to find a different perspective in your life. The “little things” in life may get unnoticed or even ignored because you may think of things being out of rich such as not being a millionaire, not driving the most expensive car or not living in a big mansion. Not having these material items does not mean that you are a failure. Actually, it is the quite opposite.


If you need a boost of confidence to show that you are succeeding in life more than you think you are, here are 15 things that will give you a better mindset.


1. You surround yourself with the right people.




The right people in your life will uplift you and spread positivity all around. A good life will include positive people that can help create a joyful and happy life that you are seeking. Think about the saying, “misery loves company”. When you have negative people in your life, you tend to attract negativity more than you would like.


The best way to take care of discouraging people in your life is to get rid of them. Of course, this can be hurtful, yet in order to keep those positive vibes, the negative ones have to go. You will soon then see all of the positive existence in your life from here on.


2. You don’t complain much anymore.


When you complain about an issue continuously, you’re putting in more energy into something negative then you should.  Instead of complaining, you should take the steps of rectifying the situation constructively. Daily experiences can be mundane and successful people know this already. Live in a space of gratitude.


3. You learned the importance of saying “no”.


Saying the word no can be hard sometimes, especially when you don’t want to let anyone down. However, having self-love is a success. When things do not make you happy or does not serve a purpose in your life, it is okay to say no.


4. Relationships for you become less dramatic.




You’ve noticed that your relationships are not filled with drama as your passed relationships. When you have moved on from unnecessary arguments or fights, you have become successful.


5. You accept what you can’t change, but change what you can.


Throughout life, there will be things that you can’t change. Once you realize that you can’t change everything, then you become more acceptance in your life and be more happy. On the opposite, there will be things that you can change for yourself, accepting the negatives that are changeable.

6. You understand failures and setbacks are a part of growth.


failure equals success


Setbacks and failures happens. You will not win at everything. Life has victories and losses and what you can do with setbacks and failures is learn from experience. Use these as a stepping stone and not as a threat to bring you down.


7. You celebrate other people’s successes.


Giving praise to others for their accomplishments not only uplifts them, but it can also uplift you. More positive energy towards other’s victories will give you positive energy all around.


8. You have people who give you a strong support system.




When you realize the people who are there to lift you up and are there for you through thick and then, you have a strong support system. You’ll also learn those who shows signs of betrayal and you can keep a distance from them.


9. Your goals come true.


Even though you have failures through life, sticking with your dreams and goals long enough will become fruitful. When you have the taste of victory, it can fuel you to keep pushing more.

10. You do not fall victim.


Your life experiences come from how you make it. Life doesn’t always happen to you and to become successful in this mindset is to not have negative things in life keep you down. You should rise up and conquer.


11. You look on the bright side of things.




Disappointments in life will happen and will always be there if you look at it in that way. A negative experience should be used as a learning opportunity and should not be wasted.


12. You have things to look forward to.


Successful people have excitement in their life that drives them. They create goals that they have a passion for and want to pursue. When you don’t have anything to look forward to to keep you going, you may feel unsuccessful, detached and lose your passion.

13. You’re not looking for other people’s approval.


You’re learning that you can make everyone happy. Society always judges people and it is unrealistic. What you know is that you can love the person that you are and stay true to yourself.


14. Your standards are much higher.


You see yourself not tolerating bad behavior from anyone around you or even yourself. You hold other people and yourself accountable for the actions they have created.


15. You are happy.




Happiness within you is the ultimate success. You know that things be positive and you have optimism no matter what is thrown at you. If you are happy, then you are definitely succeeding in life.


People actually do better than they give themselves credit for. When you recognize yourself going into the right direction, you are on the right track to succeed. Keep these little tidbits in mind. Life is short. Choose to be happy and positive. Choose to have a positive outlook and always believe in yourself. Even if you don’t see yourself in most of these 15 signs, don’t be disappointed. It’s okay. Keep moving upward and onward. In time, they will come to you.



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