What made us start ‘WiseMeUp’?


‘WISE’ what does it mean?

It simply means becoming aware.

Aware of what?

May be aware about SOCIAL DECISION’S
Aware about our own DREAMS RELATIONSHIP, or may be aware about our own RIGHTS and WRONGS,
or Getting INFORMED about things that bring CHANGE in us.
Or its simply the change we bring in OURSELVES.
We all have faced such situations in our life,Situations in which answers couldn’t be a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’,and each decision has its own merits and demerits.
These are the situations which make us question ourselves “what might be the wisest thing to do?”. We too have been through such situations,and  believe me when i say this ‘It -isn’t always easy to make a wise decision’. Driven by this thought we started  writing this blog.

                                       -Digvijay & Kundan.

Knowledge comes from LEARNING,wisdom comes from LIVING’- Anthony Douglas Williams.



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